All work is completed by experienced and qualified boilermakers and welders, with many years of experience in the building industry.  We have an experienced on-site crew who will work to install and erect the structural steel so that it complies with the architectural and engineering details of each project.  Any holes, cutting, cleats, gussets, brackets and plates which are required can be fabricated in our workshop, or on-site, depending upon the individual requirements of each project.

The steel which we routinely supply includes columns, channel, beams, bollards, T-bars, angle lintels, flat bar, T-lintels, rods, pipe, purlings,  square hollow section (SHS) and rectangle hollow section (RHS). The house-lots and structural steel fabricated can be supplied to site in a bolt together format, or welded together on-site, depending upon the builders and engineers expectations.  

Our workshop is well-equipped to provide fabricated steel for many diverse projects.  We routinely supply fabricated steel for light commercial projects, domestic houses, units, screen, pergolas and canopies, carports, gates, steel framing, mezzanine floors, builders steel, handrails, architectural details both internally and externally, platforms, brackets and bollards.  


We are happy to organise for the structural steel to be supplied and delivered on-site.  

We are also very experienced at extending this service to include the installation and erection of any fabricated steel.

We routinely supply the fabricated steel primed, painted or hot-dip galvanized.